Clara Hill Record Release at Berghain Kantine Berlin | Friday, 10.01.2014

Born in East-Berlin, Clara Hill did her first musical experiments on an East German Triola, a plastic guitar and a small plastic piano, while always playing by ear as she never learned to read music.
D/B Presents: Clara Hill @ Berghain Kantine Berlin | Friday, 10.01.2014
Now she returns to her childhood inspirations – sound and nature – to combine them with the musical knowledge she has since accumulated.

She also draws upon fresh musical inspirations gathered over the past few years, including Broadcast, Meredith Monk, Linda Perhacs, Cortney Tidwell, Tim Hecker, and Ben Frost.

Clara Hill | Lost Winter

After a four year break from recording, the new album sounds like a disorientating blend of Folk/ Psychedelic Folk, experimental electronica and rock/ indie, at times both familiar and otherworldly, earthy and ethereal.

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Clara Hill  LIVE

Friday, 10 January 2014 | 20:00 CET
Berghain Kantine | Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain |