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Cinesthesia Screen Concert 008: “Visions of Suffering” at Brotfabrik / Thursday, 11.10.2018

Andrey Iskanov’s epic masterpiece “Visions of Suffering:Final Diretors Cut” will be screened for the first time in Germany as part of the Cinesthesia Screen Concert series. Not for the faint hearted and for viewers over the age of 18 only!

Sasha is obsessed with death, necrophilia and decaying human bodies. In an otherworldly forest he disturbs a demonic shaman which makes the line between our world and the demon realm shift. At night the situation spirals out of control, becoming lethal when daytime is smashed, throwing the world into an eternal night of horrors. To save himself Sasha ventures into a world without shapes, inhabited by tormenting vampires and seductive demons lurking in every shadow bringing death and annihilation in their path. After years of reshoots, painstaking reediting, and reshuffling of the narrative, the true nightmare vision Iskanov always wanted the movie to be is here: Visions of Suffering – Final Directors Cut!

“Disturbing and gut level horrific”
Steve Naive: The Holy Mountain: Dr Caligari’s Cult Movie Utopia

“A feast for the senses”
Richard Taylor, Twisted Minds

20:00 – LIVE MUSIC – INCONSOLABLE GHOST channelled by:
Hilary Jeffery – trombone, trumpet, electronics / Claus Löser – electric guitar / Zsolt Sőrés – viola, vocals, electronics


20:45 – FILM – “VISONS OF SUFFERING” (German Premiere) introduced by Zsolt Sőrés
Russia 2018 | 85 minutes | Director: Andrey Iskanov |
Soundtrack: Zinc Room feat.Purple Eve, Beta Evers, Inconsolable Ghost
22:15 – DISCUSSION – Jörg Buttgereit and Zsolt Sőrés – a public discussion about sound design in horror films with special reference to the work of Andrey Iskanov.

Cinesthesia Screen Concert 008: “Visions of Suffering”

Thursday, 11th October 2018 | starts 20:00 SHARP
Brotfabrik | Caligariplatz 1 | 13086 Berlin/Weissensee

More info | Event @ FB | brotfabrik-berlin.de


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