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D/B Artist Feature: Christ.

Great downtempo/idm/ambient music from the Scottish musician Christ. From an early age the Christ. has been a musician. His supposed collaborations in his formative years at school and early 20s are well documented, suffice to say that at the current point in time, determining the original source of cross-pollinated styles is futile.

christ. – “happyfour twenty” video

Since his first solo release proper in 2002, he has proved to be as individual and creative as the next guy, forging a unique path of musical beauty that escapes derivation. Can much more be said? What’s the point. Christ.’s expert layers of melody, broken beats and textures say pretty much everything, and along with his popularity as a formidable live act, he is a rare breed indeed.



Christ. is at the great Scottish Label benbecula records.


“Delicass Harmonium” (HYPE01)
Hyperact Album, 1996

“Yugo 77” (HYPE04)
Hyperact Album, 1997

“Pylonesque EP” (BEN016)
Benbecula EP, 2002

“Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle” (BEN018)
Benbecula Album, 2003

“Seeing and Doing” (BEN029)
Benbecula EP, 2005

“Vernor Vinge” (BEN017)
Benbecula Vinyl Only EP, 2006

“Blue Shift Emissions” (BEN031)
Benbecula Album, 2007

“Bike” (BEN525)
Benbecula Minerals CD, 2007