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CHAMBERS / BAD HAMMER / ELECDRONES at Ausland / Saturday, 16.06.2018

CHAMBERS, that is, Angela Chambers and Jason Letkiewicz unconsciously enriched the most exciting, most chill and most beguiling guitar schrammel with only the essential ingredients to lift the room from zero to a next level. Meandering, striding, falling, letting go – all this they do with calmness and reliability that leaves you aghast. In their latest work “Askew” it’s easy to get los, encounter yourself and never stop. Eyes closed, head nodding, quiet sighs.

Phil Collin’s lost conga tracks as a fragile crutch for the most lost guitar lines and sorrowful synths you’ll ever cry to on a kingsize high above the skyline of Tokyo. And when your vision slowly narrows on this dim point on the horizon line the vocals kick. Bad Hammer know for sure how to stop all the clocks, slow down time, and fill it with sweetest honey. And they won’t stop doing this, over and over again.

Imagine Stoner Rock falling in love with drum machines. And being able to spell Krautrock and Bauhaus. Then you’d might have something close to Elecdrones. But they don’t care anyway. Despite having the ability to do things to you that usually only The Doors and Joy Division are allowed to do, they go for easies structures, chance, simplicity. And create the soundtrack to Jim Morrisons white mansion in the Bauhaus city of your coldest dreams.


Saturday, 16th June 2018 | Doors 20:00 CET | Starts 21:00 CET
Ausland | Lychener Strasse 60 | 10437

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