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D/B recommended: Bogdan Raczynski live in Berlin @ Tacheles / 26.02.10

UK based electronic arts collective The Centrifuge celebrate their 3rd birthday with special live guest Bogdan Raczynski from Aphex Twin’s very own Rephlex label.

[audio:bogdan raczynski – 04 – thinking of you thinking of me.mp3] The Canadian artist practices a mind-bending form of electronica that verges at times on experimental and drum & bass. A plentiful array of DJs, Visuals and live acts make for a very full line-up ensuring this is a night not to be missed.

Bogdan Raczynski / Lowlands (Track 7 from Alright!)

Combat A/V:
Cursor Miner (Lo, Combat, Uncharted Audio)
Stormfield (Combat, Bankai Audio)
Legacy of Nest (Combat)

Scrubber Fox (The Centrifuge)
Oxynucid (The Centrifuge)
Myoptik (The Centrifuge)
Nexus (The Centrifuge)
Vertical67 (Acroplane)
Missaw (The Centrifuge)

Tacheles, Oranienburgerstrasse. Berlin / 22:00Uhr >> all night. 5 Euro.