Boddinale at Loophole Berlin / Thursday, 05.02. – Sunday 15.02.2015

There’s only one film festival to go to in Berlin this Febuary. Now on its third edition, Loophole’s Boddinale festival again offers an inspiring selection of new and underground films (both short pieces and feature length) and video art. While the festival focuses on the works of film makers based on the community of artists that surround loophole and its networks, the call for entries went out far and wide so many international artists will also be presented. Heres a small glimpse of the selection that will be screened on 5 screens in and around Loophole (check out the full programme on the link below for full details of all films that are showing):

Tiyam is the only director at Boddinale that has never even been to Berlin. He Lives in Iran and his movies are strong social commentaries war and its downfalls. This is the second year that we prodly welcome his work at the festival. Rangan 99 is set during the Iran-Iraq war and tell the stories of two soldiers with different uniforms.

The film is a ROMANTIC COMEDY with SUSPENSE, THRILLER and HORROR elements, so that there are several genres in the mix. Besides the story offers a very surprising twist ending. The plot is timeless, offers fine humor, it is intelligently composed, and it’s new. Overall the film is about a very characteristic part of human nature which turned out to be virtually indelible, very powerful and with far-reaching consequences


An der Tür _5´ by Miriam Bliese A man comes to pick up his son at his ex-wife’s house, just like every weekend. As always, he waits at the entrance of her apartment building for his son to come down stairs. But this Saturday, it takes a little longer. Their son wants to finish watching a TV show. And so it happens that the separated couple starts to talk again – via the intercom. Suddenly the former intimacy is back, the conversation almost turns into a flirt…The most painful thing about a separation is the fact that you remain so close to each other.

Dissolving Europe _10´ by Xar Lee The system looks simple in movement: unlock and roll the advertising poster to create a huge blank gleaming white breath of fresh air in the urban environment. The advert then undertakes the process of counter action painting using a series of solvents and brushes, it is then replaced in another site, another city, another country.

A Promised Rose Garden _33´ by Lisa Violetta Graß At the cost of each other two Vietnamese couples in Berlin are searching for support, comfort and above all, a home. The Vietnamese Bien and Thien have illegally come to Berlin and have come into hiding at their older relatives Nga and Nam. They are willing to live in total submissiveness for work and apparent safety. While Bien takes care of Nga who is agitated from homesickness Nam forces Thien to sell cigarettes on the black market. Fierce fights about territories between the cigarette dealers and the erratic outbursts of Nga unsettle both their lives. Secretly they try to build up their own livelihood – but that inevitably leads to the escalation of the conflicts between both couples…


Sie Heisst Jetzt Lotte _17´ by Annekathrin Wetzel The deep friendship between Maria and her Jewish friend Lea gradually starts to break as Maria’s husband Hans goes from being a young adventurer to a high ranking SS officer. But on that infamous first day of the Jewish deportation in Munich, Maria comes to a momentous decision which proves what friendship really means to her. She takes on Lea’s child Charlotte to save her from being deported to the concentration camp, thereby risking her own life and ultimately losing Hans. Maria’s story shows that, in the end, friendship can triumph over terror and death. Inspired by the life of Charlotte Knobloch, President of the Jewish community of Munich and Upper Bavaria and former President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.


We will be joined by 84 Berlin based directors, beaming the program on 5 screens and 2 locations at the same time thanks to the collaboration with Kaleidoskop. Moviemento will host the traditional winners night on February 22nd for those that will miss the Festival. Interviews with directors and extensive coverage will be on Alex TV. And this year winners will have their next movie produced by and Red Digital Cinema. From February 5th to 15th, everyday from 18 to 23, free entrance.

presented by Loophole & Kaleidoskop

Thursday 5th – Sunday 15th Febuary 2015
Loophole | Boddinstraße 60 |  12053 Berlin/Neukölln | | Event @ Facebook

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