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D/B Recommended: Boddinale @ Loophole Berlin | Thursday, 07.02. – Sunday 17.02.2013

There’s only one film festival to go to in Berlin this Febuary. With the 1st ever Boddinales Loophole launches a brand new festival which promises to offer an inspiring selection of new and underground films (both short pieces and feature length) and video art.
While the festival focuses on the works of film makers based on the community of artists that surround loophole and its networks, the call for entries went out far and wide so many international artists will also be presented.

The festival kicks of on Thursday the 7th of Febuary with the first annual Noiskölln music video awards presented in association with Network Awesome. Here’s a selection of some of the short films that will be screened over the following week and a half:

Adi Gelbart | Vermin

Among Gelbart’s performance credits are the Tate Modern – London, Haus der Kulturen der Welt – Berlin, No no logic – Barcelona. He participated in video, cinema and music festivals in Berlin, Rotterdam, Paris, Vienna and more. In 2004 he received the ACUM awards for best Israeli electronic musician of the year. Since 2005 Adi moved to Berlin and refocused his work from electronic music to video making. Vermin is Adi´s first short movie.

Moct (the bridge) | TK.Kim and Pat Marcel

Is love contagious? And how about madness? This is a moving story of a few words wherein two dancers are in the midst of an emotional ballet of life. They combine contemporary dance and Butoh to express truths and doubts about their relationship, movements of their hearts and calling of their spirits. How far will dance take them?

Bad Luck City | A Stuart

Bad Luck City follows a man on his solitary and superstitious journey through the city. Shot on black and white Super8, the film is like a dark song about an urban cowboy. Moonlight, so nice. Sunrise, so nice. Bad luck city, I cried cried cried. Bad luck city, cried all night.

Lili | Jan Buttler

Whenever mom gets sick, which has been happening a lot lately, Lilli (9) and her brother Paul (6) do their best to ensure that no neighbors and no teachers find out that something is not right at home. But when the heating stops working and the apartment becomes freezing cold, Lilli does not know what to do anymore.

presented by Loophole

Thursday, 7 – Sunday 17 Febuary 2013
Loophole | Boddinstraße 60 |  12053 Berlin/Neukölln

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