Boddinale am Flutgraben / Thursday, 7.02. – Sunday 17.02.2019

From this year the community gather in the magnificent building of the Flutgraben eV. for 11 days of stories, wonders and open end nights. As always the entrance is free – just bring your own beauty.

Here’s a small selection of some of the films that will be showing at this years Boddinale:

A little dark skinned girl swims against the currents of uniformed masses in the vast city of Tokyo. She wanders through parks and temples, presses her nose against a pet shop window, visits the ocean at sundown. And every now and then, she bends down to retrieve a glittering piece of a discarded item. For her silent quest has a goal – to reclaim a treasure thought lost.

A documentary about digital technology and the impact on people, society and the environment. What would happen if we put off the music, folklore, claps and people cheering from a bullfight? What if we just change the general shoots for closed up frames? What if we follow constantly the animal instead of the bullfighter?

This documentary is not a broadcast bullfight for TV. It has no makeup at all. Do you dare to watch it?

Alice, 39 years old, single and unemployed. The unemployment office keeps sending her to job application trainings.

Yet, Alice knows they won’t lead her to stop waiting in line. Hence, one morning she decides to not finish one of them. Her unemployment benefits are then reduced, and money gets tight.

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Thursday 7th – Sunday 17th Febuary 2018
Urban Spree | Revaler Straße 99 | 10245 Berlin | Event @ Facebook

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