Boddinale at Urban Spree Berlin / Thursday, 15.02. – Sunday 25.02.2018

The Boddinale makes a great leap this year, moving from its Neukölln roots at Loophole to the vast delights of Urban Spree in Friedrichshain. Again it features a whole host of quality short films from local talent, as well as workshops, afterparties, concerts and much much more besides.

Every year during winter thousands of Nepalis and Indians migrate to various parts of Nepal to work in brick factories. Many of these laborers are children who drop out school, engage in hard labor and never return back to school. DUST is an attempt to find the perspectives of children working in brick kiln areas in Nepal.

The documentary RAW CHICKS.BERLIN shows eleven multifaceted portraits of international Berlin-based female music producers with a focus on live acts; women who come on stage with their equipment and present their own songs and compositions.

Official music video for Brockmann // Bargmann – Horizont Photographed, edited and directed by Marcus Grysczok, @Hypertrashwonderland Shot in Berlin, Sept. 2017. Additional Orb Spinning by Anne B.

As we flow through life, and life flows through us, we are but shadows and reflections of our ever-changing perceptions. Each animation frame is separate and invisible, a paradox analogous to the our fluid time consisting of distinct, but ever elusive moments. “Shadows and reflections” by Yagama is inspired by old school analog special effects technique and questions that have no answer in words, only in beauty.

It started as an homage, Loophole style, at the Berlinale frenzy that takes over Berlin every February. In the community of artists doing things at Loophole several were making movies. We invited them and their friends, and friends of friends to send us their work, with only two rules: they had to be Berlin based and tell a story. That was 2012 and the first edition of Boddinale.


Thursday 15th – Sunday 25th Febuary 2018
Urban Spree | Revaler Straße 99 | 10245 Berlin | | Event @ Facebook

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