Blind Signal / Marisol Jimenez & Andreas Trobollowitsch at Kleiner Wasserspeicher Berlin / 25-27.09.2020

Blind Signal focuses on new forms of horizontal collaborations by inviting two sound artists to combine their work for a 5-day residency and 3 days of public events. Under the title “MULTIPLE”, Blind Signal presents a new collaborative project between the productions of sound artists and composers Marisol Jimenez and Andreas Trobollowitsch on a cuneate creation process leading to a triangular electroacoustic installation and performances in the Kleiner Wasserspeicher Berlin.

The artists will have the time to develop and show their singularities presenting their own propelled instruments and to form new collaborative installations and performances adopting new possibilities. The accumulation, without expunging their singularities will allow them to open new sonic forms, based on the research of equivalent sound textures and focusing on microtonal and rhythmical elements.

To enrich these sonorities the artists invite the trumpet players Carina Khorkhordina, Alexander Kranabetter and the jinashi shakuhachi player Kiky Day for their performances. The artists will blend the uniqueness of the sound sculptures to stimulate a tonal ensemble of shapes and elements by the multiplication and erasure. The audience will have the possibility to experience multiple facets of the collaboration focusing on microtonal and rhythmical elements, during three days.

Day 1. Friday 25th September: Presentation of Marisol Jimenez’s and Andreas Trobollowitsch ́s site specific installations. This first installation will use percussion strings and the second strings percussion.

Day 2, Saturday 26th September: Compositional interaction of both works simultaneously.

Day 3, Sunday 27th September: A series of performances of both artists using elements of their installations and inviting the trumpets players Carina Khorkhordina, Alexander Kranabetter and Kiky Day for their performances to enrich these sonorities.

Curated by Emilie Beffara.

The project MULTIPLE is generously supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin , Musikfonds and AKM/austromechana.

Blind Signal / Marisol Jimenez & Andreas Trobollowitsch

25-27th September 2020 | Show times vary each day, please follow the programme link for details
Kleiner Wasserspeicher Berlin | Diedenhofer Straße, Prenzlauer Berg, 10405 BERLIN

Blind Signal | Marisol Jimenez | Andreas Trobollowitsch | Event @ Facebook | Tickets @ Eventbrite

Image © Ozy Photography

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