Martin Bisi, Bérangère Maximin, Sean and more at Loophole / Saturday, 06.06.2015

Martin Bisi, a New York indie rock performer and record producer has been at a crossroads of indie, punk, avant garde, noire/cabaret rock, and electronic music since the early 80’s in New York City.

At a recording studio he started in 1981 with the help of Brian Eno, Martin Bisi has realized albums by Sonic Youth, Swans, Dresden Dolls, Pop 1280 (Sacred Bones), White Hills (Thrill Jockey), Africa Bambaataa, John Zorn, Herbie Hancock’s Rockit, Boredoms, Foetus, Helmet, Unsane, Serena Maneesh, US Maple, Jon Spencer’s Boss Hog, and countless other indie, experimental and post-punk records.


In his band’s set, Bisi plays guitar and sings, and performs songs from his album Ex Nihilo (Labelship records UK). The band swings between the heavier post-rock of the songs, and ambient soundscapes that feature the density and orchestral layering notable on many of Bisi’s productions. His vocal style is very varied, covering Hardcore, dream/shoe-gaze, and even death metal.

Bérangère Maximin has a reputation for continually releasing groundbreaking music. Her music is ambitious, challenging and pushes musical boundaries to their limits, and sometimes way beyond. The music can also be described as challenging, cerebral and engaging. That’s been the case throughout Bérangère Maximin’s career.


Without doubt, Dangerous Orbits is the most ambitious album of Bérangère Maximin’s career. Dangerous Orbits features five innovative soundscapes. They can also be described as captivating and cinematic “digital chimersa.”

These  “digital chimeras” take you on a musical journey. If you embrace the music on this journey, you’re richly rewarded. As you embark upon this sonic voyage of discovery, you’ve no idea where the destination is. It’s a case of trusting Bérangère Maximin. She takes you on a journey that’s Dangerous Oribits. All you need to bring is your imagination.

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt has been making music since he was six-years-old. He started off writing songs, or “texts” and “melodies” as he describes it, before taking an interest in House Music in his teens. Sean began DJing, before moving from Chicago to Berlin, where he started singing and playing guitar with Metal bands. It was in Europe that he began his interest in Electronic Music.

With a desire to balance both his love of Electronic with Metal, Sean produced Drone, Ambient and Noise music, developing his own distinct form of “Accidental Guitar Music.”


M.i.p.V aka Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (‘Endless music for Tripping’) is a trip rock guitar+drums band formed in 2004 in Brazil. Their second album is also a mix of krautrock/post-punk/post-rock and was released in 2011 in Berlin (“M.i.p.V II” – Solaris Empire). The guitarist LauraL plays in Loophole a pocket version with Ignatzio Bee (Argentina) on drum machine/percussion.

Martin Bisi, Bérangère Maximin, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, M.i.p.V

Saturday, 06 June 2015 | 21:30 CET
Loophole | Boddinstraße 60 | 12053 Berlin/Neukölln | | | |



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