Beyond Beyond at ausland / Friday, 2.7.2021

Beyond Beyond is a three day engagement of sonic space and practices taking place in the form of concerts, listenings, soundings and screenings from the 1st to the 3rd of July. Looking at site-specific ways of researching and Tuning in, the invited artists (re)engage with sound through eclectic lenses.

Following the Evening of Concerts on the Spree river, the next two days will take place in the Basement venue ausland in Prenzlauer Berg. there will be “screenings” of a soundtrack for a film that has yet to be made. These screenings are a remote resolution from the interdisciplinary artist Simnikiwe Buhlungu, played every hour on the hour.

Gretchen Blegen will then present ‘listenings’ to a longer research with the Animas River near their home in the Southwestern parts of the USA. These ‘listenings’ will be Tellings and re-tellings and change and evolve with the space throughout the two days. The musician and writer Hila Lahav then closes out the evenings writing in mother tongues and translating into them playing with Flutes and pipes and windways. Presenting the work Backbone Flute, Lahav is in conversation with the Russian/Soviet poet and playwright Vladimir Mayakovsky. Though the space is in a basement sounds may leak into the Hof, into the back garden, through windows and beyond.

At beyond beyond an intersection of the sonic approaches and listens to the agency of sound. Over the course of three days, these spaces will transform in response to those in and around them, taking on different shapes and manifestations and adjusting as we find ourselves at cross sections of a loud loud world.

A listener passes by and asks, “what is beyond beyond?”
Can a Listener Pass by?

Beyond Beyond

2.7.2021 | Starts 14:00 CET
ausland | Lychenerstrasse 60 in 10437 Berlin Prenzlauer-Berg | Event @ Facebook

The project beyond beyond is made possible with the kind support and funding of Initiative Neue Musik

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