Berlin Heartbeats at Volksbühne / Monday, 01.05.2017

As a release party for the new book “Berlin Heartbeats: Stories from the Wild Years 1990–Present” on Suhrkamp Rechenzentrum, T.Raumschmiere, Sonia Brex & Nico Lippolis, Resident Kafka and Herbst in Peking will all perform special live shows at the Volksbühne this May day.

Marco Haas started his musical career as an inventor.First, he invented a framework, and then himself. Initially, the record company founded by him and Marcus Stolz in Heidelberg served as a mere vehicle for the recordings of his band “Stormbow”. It was the year 1997 and “Stormbow” was an eminently talented band with Marco Haas on drums – one of several eminently talented bands, however, to be found in Baden-Württemberg, the Palatinate, the Ruhr region. Unique, on the other hand, was that newly minted vehicle called “Shitkatapult”.

Sonia Brex has lived in Berlin since 1990, leaving her Sicilian homeland for the city which changed the course of history when the wall was toppled. The German capital was also home to many of her musical idols – Einstürzende Neubauten and Nick Cave for example. Life in Berlin proved freer and more inspiring than in conservative southern Italy. And so she remained, working on multimedia projects at the Akademie der Künste and in collaborations with Berlin-based artists Rechenzentrum and Jazzanova.

Besides the live concerts there will also be DJ sets by Thomas Fehlmann and Daniel Meteo as well as readings from the likes of Frank Castorf, Flake, Dimitri Hegemann, Judith Hermann, Robert Lippok, Sven Marquardt, Christiane Rösinger, OL und Sasha Waltz. And images by Ben de Biel, Harald Hauswald, Ute Mahler, Hendrik Rauch, Philipp von Recklinghausen, Markus Werner and Rolf Zöllner.

LIVE Rechenzentrum, T.Raumschmiere Sonia Brex & Nico Lippolis, Resident Kafka, Herbst in Peking
DJs Thomas Fehlmann, Daniel Meteo

Monday, 01.05.17 | 20:00
Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | 10119 | Event @ Facebook |

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