Bégayer at 90mil / Sunday, 14.4.2024

Bégayer is a quintet working towards a new kind of concert: a ceremony with no beginning and no end, in which concert-time and quotidian time merge.

Through the vocals, the homemade percussion and other self built instruments, two immutable musical activities will be celebrated and brought to bear on each other: the songs of the people, whose cry of hunger and togetherness breaks through the barrier between art and life – and the art of performance explored as communal effort to describe our times.

Pure energy music, and highest possible recommendation for anyone feeling the need to blow out the cobwebs from their stifled soul. Bégayer will be accompanied by musician, performer and filmmaker Loïc Verdillon.

Veritas Ventriloquist by Lottie Sebes is a performance and sound work which questions, transforms, and harnesses the historical entanglements of gender, voice and technology. At it’s core is the Veritas Machine – a noisy, dynamic, woman-machine interface made of dismantled and reforged sewing machines, re-envisioned as an instrument and vocal synthesiser.

Loops of archival material and electromagnetic sounds are wound through the mechanisms of the sewing machines, combined with their hacked foot pedals, resonating in the performers oral cavity. The body becomes the sounding chamber for a genealogy where machines and media have historically impressed their gendered codes. Choking and aggression seep between the cracks of feminised postures and glances. The ventriloquised noise of the machine erupts through the mouth to form a shared agency through which a cyborg voice can defy the boundaries of its own gendered history.

Germán Gabriel García AKA.GGG is a trumpet player, improviser and composer born in Argentina and currently living in Berlin. He is currently focused on expanding the sounds of the trumpet, investigating techniques, using the possibilities of his body related to sound and gesture and also exploring electric amplification and digital electronics.

This event is taking place at 90mil, a non-profit DIY space near Jannowitzbrücke, Berlin. Entrance is via suggested donation at the door only. You must be a member to enter. You can become a member by purchasing a membership card at the door for €5. This card is valid for a year.

Bégayer + Loïc Verdillon, Lottie Sebes and AKA.GGG

Sunday, 14.4.2024
90mil | Holzmarktstrasse 19-23 in 10243 Berlin
muraillesmusic.com | Tickets
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