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Avalanche Kaito at Gretchen / Tuesday, 30.6.2024

Following the release of their phenomenal new album Talitakum on Glitterbeat records Belgian trio bring their rawcous sound to Berlin for a special outdoor show in the yard at Gretchen then June.

Avalanche Kaito: the exhilarating combination of Burkina Faso born urban griot Kaito Winse and fellow experimentalists Belgian guitarist Nico Gitto and French drummer/producer Benjamin Chaval. This transnational avant-rock trio created waves with their visceral self-titled 2022 debut, bagging notable festival appearances (Supersonic, End of the Road), a KEXP session and much deserved critical and audience enthusiasm.

Their new album Talitakum, is deeper and more sonically varied, revealing an energy and spiritual weight that has undoubtedly emerged from the group’s incessant touring. The live shows are indeed revelatory, twisting and turning with an unexpected intensity and collectiveness. It is a arresting, shapeshifting sound that spins freely from ancient griot traditions to full-throttle thrash (with many stops in between).

Listening to Talitakum, one could be forgiven for thinking further about Tzara’s ideas; how do we really communicate with each other and what is the most effective way to do so? It’s a question that can hopefully never be fully answered. But we can note the new record’s title, Talitakum, means “Dead, come back to life!” (in Moore). Are the band unwittingly channeling the likes of Tzara and other old artists? Kaito Winse sometimes talks about his ancestors being there with him when he sings.

Avalanche Kaito

Wednesday, 26th June 2024 | Doors 19:00 | Starts 20:00 CET
Gretchen | Obentrautstraße 19-21 in 10963 Berlin | Facebook Event | Glitterbeat

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