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AUT FEST 2014 at Altes Finanzamt and Noyman Miller Bar / Thursday, 25.09. – Sunday, 28.09.2014

AUT FEST is a festival devoted to improvised and experimental live music. Hosted by label Aut Records, the festival brings to Berlin twelve amazing live acts from the label’s rooster.

From 25th to 28th September 2014, in two different locations in the city, AUT FEST will call you to join and «celebrate the languages of the unheard».

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In 2014 Aut Records’ catalog grew so much, that the idea came to gather all the  musicians that recorded for them so far, and let them go wild in a four days meeting. Almost everyone agreed to join and bring in their latest music. So Aut set the wheels in motion, and the meeting became the AUT FEST 2014. The label’s celebration to the “languages of the unheard”.

The Festival program includes established Italian musicians like Giorgio Pacorig and Luciano Caruso (playing as Bug Jargal 2), Piero Bittolo Bon (who is premiering his innovative “augmented saxophone” technique), together with a new league of “crossover” jazz combos like Small Choices and Schrödinger’s Cat, which adventure into ambient and neo-classical idioms.

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The Berliner side is well represented by the Hanam Quintet (who published this year their debut album with Tristan Honsinger) and by the new “scoutings” the label is doing in the impro scene, like Toxydoll and Schematic.

The Festival is enriched by two electronic acts, Raccoglimento Parziale (premiering their new album) and Meanza&De (with the visuals by game artist Marco Mendeni).


And finally three major “historical” performances: Kongrosian (with whom the whole label started), 12+ (who’ll give a “cut and paste” excursus on the label’s catalog) and Luciano Caruso’s “Links” played by the Autkestra (a final big band concert which features most of the festival’s musicians).

For the detailed timetable and more info check the website: autrecords.com/autfest


Thursday, 25th September – Sunday, 28th September 2014

Altes Finanzamt | Schönstedtstraße 7 | 12043 Berlin/Neukölln
Noyman Miller Kultur Bar | Hauptstraße 89 | 12159 Berlin/Schöneberg

autrecords.com/autfest | altesfinanzamt.blogspot.de | noymanmiller.berlin


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