Audiovisionen: KAVALL – Spatial Guitar at Kulturraum Zwingli Kirche e.V. / Thursday, 21.11.2019

‘Spatial Guitar‘ – a new, immersive concert format by artist Kavall extends the electric guitar into a spatially playable instrument whose sound surrounds the audience.

The setting is inspired by the sound of English church bells, which Kavall explored and recorded in various bell towers throughout England. The circular arrangement of tower bells, which are rung by hand in permuting patterns, unfolded an immersive, sonic effect during his research in the church towers, which the composer transfers to the guitar in ‘Spatial Guitar’.

The assignment of the musical voices to the individual strings of the guitar, and their independent spatial placement allow for new forms of compositions, which spread in spatially choreographed tone sequences, circulating patterns and vibrant textures. The individual voices of the guitar blend in the room’s acoustics like the individual voices of a spatially arranged ensemble.

Kavall is a Berlin-based composer and multi-instrumentalist. His music is influenced by interdisciplinary collaborations with performance and dance, and the related topics of spatial movement and physical perception of music. Originally a guitarist, he uses technically modified and custom made stringed instruments, and interprets their organic sounds through intensive sound processing.

‘Spatial Guitar’ is hosted by Audiovisionen at Kulturraum Zwingli-Kirche Berlin.

Audiovisionen: KAVALL – Spatial Guitar

21.11.2019 | Doors 20:00 CET | Starts 20:30 CET
Kulturraum Zwingli Kirche e.V. | am Rudolfplatz | 10245 Berlin | Event @ Facebook

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