Photo Credit: Carlos Bustamante
Photo Credit: Carlos Bustamante

Audiovisionen: The International Nothing, Katharina Bévand at Kulturraum Zwingli-Kirche e.V. / Thursday, 27.4.2023

Katharina Bévand is a sound artist based in Berlin. She creates site-specific sound installations, sound sculptures, 3-D sound environments and performs on modular synthesizers. In 2017 she was honored by “bonn hoeren – sonotopia” of the Beethoven Foundation for Arts and Culture Bonn. In 2021 she was part of Goldrausch Project for women artists. She received grants from Berlin Senate, Stiftung Kunstfonds or Musikfonds, among others. She exhibited internationally in Germany, Spain, Egypt, Taiwan, and in the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan in Northern Iraq. Her collaborations oscillate between the fine arts scene and the experimental and electronic music field. In 2022 she directed the first sound art oriented artist residency Cráter in La Palma, Canary Islands funded by the GOETHE Institute. Since 2022 she teaches sound art and modular synthesis at Berlin School of Sound.

The International Nothing is a Berlin-based psycho-acoustic clarinet duo formed by Michael Thieke and Kai Fagaschinski in 2000. They collectively compose multilayered sound sculptures using multiphonics, beat frequencies and difference tones as an integral part of their language. Both musicians might be known as improvisers but in this project they develop and perform exclusively their own compositions crafted with an extreme care for detail and precision. The duo’s works have been released on several albums by the Japanese Ftarri Label.

While their 5th album release is in preparation their new piece “Just None of Those Things” is already to be heard live for the curious concertgoer. For the last 2 1/2 years The International Nothing has been working more obsessed than ever on their newlong-form composition. The two clarinets continue to gel into one multilayered entity. And while you might recognize their collective voice, they certainly reached down way further into the abyss of weirdness. Ambiguously this one might count as their yet rawest and most refined work exploring their most futuristic and primordial sonic territories.

Audiovisionen: The International Nothing, Katharina Bévand

27.4.2023 | Doors 20:00 CET | Starts 20:15 CET
Kulturraum Zwingli-Kirche e.V. | Rudolfstrasse 14 in 10245 Berlin | | | Event @ Facebook

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