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D/B Artist Feature: ASURA

The inaugural Non Projects release is the debut multi-genre album by Los Angeles resident Ryan York. An album of pure emotion and evocative powers, Asura plays out like a continuous movie for the mind. Brand new and D/B highly Recommended.

[audio:02 asura peptine.mp3] Complete with neck snapping beats and snaky synth lines, silent yet absorbing ambient washes, acoustic instrumental prowess and compositional laptop mastery, Asura satisfies the inner ear’s and heart’s desires with a physical thump, while consistenly bringing the listener back for more.

[audio:08 asura voxels.mp3]


1. Asura I
2. Peptine
3. I Saw You In Vice (Anenon Birthday Remix)
4. Orrorin
5. Asura II
6. From The Beach
7. Manzanita
8. Voxels
9. Asura III
10. Her Tearing
11. Timber (with Ana Caravelle)
12. The Eleventh
13. Feathers