PATHOS IV: Die Nacht der tausend Augen w/ Artist Unknown + Sicker Man + Kiki Bohemia at Anita Berber / Friday, 04.12.2015

“Artist Unknown” is perhaps the biggest swindle in electronic music history. While most other projects present themselves as consumer products, Artist Unknown keeps its honest unknown face. In no other band, the members are so unique and yet so interchangeable as in Artist Unknown. You and your unknown neighbour could be band members.

With their first releases “Future” and “Errorist” on the Disko B label in 2001 – equipped with a good dose of humor – Artist Unknown fulfilled all musical wishes. The DataPunk label completed ​​the series in 2006 with the release of the album “Present”.


Since the eighties all Artist Unknown songs have been purchased, stolen, played, produced and performed under the most difficult conditions. Artist Unknown are errorists with love guns in a dark unknown world. In 2014, the best songs from Artist Unknown have been re-mastered and edited by the New Normal Recordings label and re-released on the digital compilation “Past”.

SICKER MAN is the solo project of TOBIAS VETHAKE. Classical instruments as guitars, zither, glockenspiel and cello are combined with electronic toys and synthesizers and then warped with analog effect-pedals. You can call it FOLKTRONIKA, but it’s more than just a guitar and a laptop – rather folk songs wrapped in orchestral soundscapes.


Vethake: „Creating music is at first about absolute intuition, a room full of instruments, toys to play with. Afterwards I look at what I have recorded and take everything that is relevant. I think, any music that is going to be released should add something new to the large pool of music that is already existing.”

After being the singer in an off-swing band called BOHEMIAN CRYSTAL for two years Kiki Bohemia started to work on her own songs. She used a Phillicorda organ and a Dr. Groove drum machine and did her first live home recordings with a stereo mic on minidisc.


In  october 2006, Bohemia started working with a Jam Man Loop Station,  a small (gameboyish) yamaha sequenzer and every effect pedal she cold lay hands on. That gave her the possibillity to use different sounds and do weird stuff with her voice by looping it. With the new set up she recorded an EP called THE CURE and an experimental ambient album called SCORES & SPOOKY OUTTAKES.

By the end of 2008 her debut album ALL THE BEAUTIFUL was released on the Berlin based independent label MATROSENBLAU. Bohemia recorded it at home and mixed it with the help of Thommy Krawallo at Domino Studio Berlin. ALL THE BEAUTIFUL features Sicker Man on cello and loop machine and Horst Nonnenmacher on double bass.

PATHOS IV: Die Nacht der tausend Augen w/ Artist Unknown + Sicker Man + Kiki Bohemia

Friday, 04 December 2015 | 22:00 CET
Anita Berber | Gerichtsstr. 23 | 13347 Berlin/Wedding | |

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