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Arnold+Sukroso and Zinnschauer and at Kantine Berghain Berlin | Wednesday, 14.01.2014

Arnold+Sukroso is a duo of unparalled inovation: two one-man acts working on the forefront of technology. Arnold, a Drummer who somehow manages to juggle playing live beats while still playing synth melodies. Sukroso, a guitarist unlike any other youve ever heard, playing on his very own designed and modified “acpad guitar”.

They still hold their musical roots in their hands: two drum sticks and an acoustic guitar. During the last years, however, drummer Sebastian Arnold and “AcPad-Guitar” inventor Robin Sukroso developed their instruments further into electronic controllers. Now they are able to play laptops, synthesizers, DIY sound machines and their systems have become one-man bands in their own right.


Not long ago, the two met and founded the new supersonic duo Arnold+Sukroso with the release of SYNCHROTRON E.P. This is an exciting mixture of electronic beats, virtuoso guitar synthesizing and spherical vocals – and a live performance where every note is played by hand. Listen to this, before machines are taking over romance!

Sebastian Arnold | Bits Keep Moving

Robin Sukroso makes electronic music played with self built acoustic guitar for the technofloor. The show revolves around the so-called “Acpad Guitar”, conceived and built by Sukroso himself, resulting in something the likes of which we are sure you’ve never seen before.

Robin Sukroso | Brazil

While the self-styled “Mad Scientist Drummer” Sebastian Arnold is a genuine one-man band behind his drum kit and synthesizers. Watching him for the first time, you may think of someone driving a spaceship with drumsticks. Together they deliver a truly remarkable performance.

Sebastian Arnold & Robin Sukroso and Zinnschauer LIVE

Wednesday, 14th January 2014 | 21:00 CET
Marie Antoinette | Holzmarktstr. 15-18 | 10179 Berlin/Mitte

sebastian-arnold.net | robinsukroso.de | berghain.de | facebook

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