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ANTIQUE HEART & ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE BRAINDEAD at Marie Antoinette / Wednesday, 10.5.2017

“The voice is at the very core of ANTIQUE HEART’S subtle, delicate compositions, tracks that at times flame up and expand into dramatic musical spheres. Dreamy piano chords and moody guitars set the tone for this band’s sonic realm, in which they tells us stories of being captivated by a desire which is bigger than life itself while watching the sky, getting lost in nature’s magical landscapes, and dissolving into sunrays after leaving this earth.

They invite the listener to follow them down into this wonderland, deeper and deeper, until a gentle sound wakes them from this dream – only to sink in again.”

Kalina Morcuenda will be releasing her first EP as ANTIQUE HEART at the show. joined by the one-woman show of ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE BRAINDEAD. This project of Julia Kotowski is dedicated to the very mellow and subtle sounds: a collection of small instruments, objects and field recordings assembles to a band, melts with choir, instrumentals and delicate singing.


Wednesday, 10.5.2017
Marie Antoinette | Holzmarktstraße 15-18 | 10179 Berlin

http://facebook.com/eftbmusic | https://www.facebook.com/antiqueheartcore | http://amstart.tv | Event @ Facebook

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