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Antime Labelnight w/ Kalipo record release & more at Urban Spree Berlin / Friday 19.09.2014

Another Antime labelnight at Urban Spree, this time presenting the release of Kalipo’s first album called “Yaruto”. Also playing live are Simon12345 & The Lazer twins (Doumen Records), Unifono (Antime) and Midimúm (Antime).

Kalipo is Jakob Häglsperger, a Bavarian born producer who has made a name for himself as a producer for Marcus Wiebusch, Ira Atari, pandoras box and Fuck Art, Let’s Dance, but is more widely known as a member the German electro punk outfit Frittenbude for which he has produced three albums.


As Kalipo, the now Berlin-based artist goes into a different and less wild musical direction, blending lush House rhythms with trance inducing Techno beats somewhere between 110 and 130 bpm while also taking cues from Downbeat and Gamelan traditions.

With synthesizers, micro samples and acoustic instruments, Häglsperger intuitively builds melancholic yet driving arcs of suspense which are best to be enjoyed on a hazy Sunday afternoon at home on your couch and will also increase your endorphins on a Saturday night.

In his energetic live sets, the renowned producer makes use of his extensive array of analogue synthesizers and drum machines.

Kalipo’s debut album Yaruto follows the abstract narrative of an impersonal biography by creating moods that correspond with certain stages of life. Yaruto is being released by Antime Records, the Berlin-based label run by Häglepsperger’s close friend and Frittenbude band colleague Martin Steer.

“Hi, I am Simon12345 and this is probably my favourite quote: “I guess what I’m saying is that if our legacy is anything, I want it to be ‘take everything in, use it, be unmarketable so the market itself has to change – we were just at the beginning, it’s going to get easier. Besides, most people aren’t going to like what you do anyway; everyone’s right, let them be and shoot between the eyes. As far as it goes for us it was just cool that there were some people that liked what we did.”

Youthmovies – Simon12345, (co-)founder of Doumen Records, part of Praezisa Rapid 3000 as well as Simon12345 & The Lazer twins.

Unifono’s music is informed by mid-90es Warp productions, Downbeat, Trip Hop and current club music alike. While showcasing an astonishing talent for complex polyrhythms, Hertrich also gives in to his passion for warm harmonies and catchy melodies, occasionally contributing e-bowed guitars to his otherwise digital productions.


With his solo project”Midimúm”, Martin Steer (founder of Electronica Label ANTIME & guitarist of Frittenbude) is located on the borderline between abstract techno and experimental guitar sounds. Sci-Fi sounds, drone areas and dark-web-sampling as well as intricated Noise Beats and his distinctive engrossed voice are elements of Midimúm´s manic music.

Support on the decks comes from Joney (Ill) and ABIGAIL (ANTIME), Visuals & Interaction by Moonray.

Presented by Digital in Berlin. Check out our Facebook page to win tickets.

Antime Labelnight w/ Kalipo, Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins & more

Friday, September 19th, 2014 | 23:00 CET
Urban Spree | Revealer Str. 99 | 10245 Berlin

kalipo-music.blogspot.de | Simon12345@soundcloud | unifono@soundcloud | midimum.tumblr.com | urbanspree.com

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