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D/B Recommended: Anathallo – CANOPY GLOW at Anticon Records

Chicago’s orchestral indie rockers attempt to dethrone Sufjan Stevens with their excellent new album, Canopy Glow. Don`t miss to hear the song “The River” below. Highly Recommended.

Listen: Anathallo, “The River” (DOWNLOAD MP3)

The group was formed by lead vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Matt Joynt in fall of 2000 in his native Mt. Pleasant, MI. After self-releasing several EPs and a heavily blogged-about 2006 debut, Floating World, the group was invited to take up permanent residency in a Chicago church by friend and artist Tim Lowly. After performing at 2007’s Coachella festival, Anathallo’s members quit their day jobs and began working on Canopy Glow. Anathallo has a perpetually revolving lineup. Currently, the band’s members are Joynt, Bret Wallin (trombone/percussion/vocals), Danny Bracken (guitar/percussion/vocals), Seth Walker (bass/vocals), Jeremiah Johnson (drums/percussion/vocals), Erica Froman (vocals/percussion/autoharp), and Jamie Macleod (flugelhorn/percussion/vocals).