What Boundaries?! w/ Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, The Lusubilo Band and more at Radialsystem V / Saturday 29.10.2016

Infinite players the Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra ask What Boundaries?! at Radialsystem V this October when they will team up with The Lusubilo Band and traditional musicians from Nsanje and Malawi. As ever, you can expect a mind blowing performance.

Music beyond all borders: the Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra from Berlin and the Lusubilo Band are working together with traditional musicians from Malawi to create a concert evening which unites African and European stylistic devices.

During a three week work process in Malawi the musicians write new pieces and create an unconventional interdisciplinary performance encompassing music, dance and poetry, which encapsulates the characteristics of both cultures. Electronica meets Afro pop and Jazz, traditional Malawian music meets contemporary European pieces. Workshops with the Malawian musicians will take place from 17:00 onwards.

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, The Lusubilo Band and more

Saturday, 29th October 2016 / Workshop 17:00 Concert 21:00
Radialsystem V | Holzmarktstr. 33 | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain

radialsystem.de | andromedameo.com | alientransistor.de

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