Sounding Images #15 w/ All Times Now Nothing at ACUD Kino / Friday, 06.07.2018

Sounding Images presents the bodacious audio-visual duo All Times Now Nothing at Acud Kino this July. The event will also feature a film screening by Robert Sieg.

All Times Now Nothing is an audio-visual collaboration between sound artist/composer/producer Al-
fie Brooks and media artist Cliona Ni Laoi. The performance samples and manipulates disposed VHS tapes in order to collage and reconstruct new meanings. In a live improvised format image and sound play off one another creating lucid landscapes live sampled from one VHS Tape. Remixing old and new technology- discarded televisions, CCTV camera setup, samplers and mixers, the tapes are reworked live directly before an audience.

Disposable technology and surveillance are used to find meaning in the meaningless. This form of expanded-cinema links the tapes to synesthesia, reconstructing found footage and disposed culture and media, into mysterious mental images and soundscapes that have no direct origin in this phenomenal, existential world.

The exhibition would consist of a live performace improvised from VHS tapes. An audiovisual collage of discarded home movies, adverts, fuzz and white noise composed into self-reflexive experimental films; melancholic meditations on modernity. The live A/V recordings will be the remainder of the work and will be exhibited as an A/V installation for the duration of the show using a projector, speakers, surveillance camera feed and old TV screens.

All Times Now Nothing LIVE + Film by Robert Sieg

Friday, 6th July 2018 | Doors 21:00 CET
ACUD KINO | Veteranenstraße 21 | 10119 Berlin | alltimesnownothing |

Image credit: Cliona Ni Laoi

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