AfroFuturism – African Science Fiction Shorts at Hackesche Höfe Kino / Wednesday, 16.12.2015

“AfroFuturism – African Science Fiction Shorts” is an afro futuristic evening curated and moderated by Peggy Piesche with Jean-Pierre Bekolo and Peggy Piesche in attendance.

In the first part, four selected science-fiction short films will be screened, followed by a discussion with Peggy Piesche and Jean-Pierre Bekolo. This will be followed by the screening of the afro futuristic classic “Les Saignantes – The Bloodettes”.


The cultural theory and artistic productions we know as Afrofuturism following such influential creative visionaries like Sun Ra and others uses the narrative genre of sci-fi to promote and imagine decidedly black perspectives on history, the present and the future.

While Afrofuturism then largely turned into a literary and cultural movement by people of the African Diaspora, it’s impossible to ignore it’s roots in the African continent: Envisioning a world beyond the contemporary, imagining another possible world, overcoming hegemonic binaries, categories and antagonisms, right up to challenging the notion of (post)humanism and utopia: these were always integral elements of African storytelling and narratives.

[vimeo 73402271 w=620&h=300]

When award-winning filmmaker Jean-Pierre Bekolo states “Africa has an image problem”, he already points at a contemporary visual art production which sees itself as part of a movement to carry those histories into the future: “I do not want to always be explaining what happened in the past, but I want to inspire those who are creating the future!”

AfroFuturism – African Science Fiction Shorts |


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