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Adventure Team album release show at internet explorer / Thursday 31.05.18

Adventure Team is a Berlin-based band that delivers a refreshing new take on off-kilter, catchy lo-fi pop, accompanied by a steadily flowing stream of cozy guitar fuzz. Their songcraft as well as their at times shambolic live shows have gained the three-piece comparisons with Gen X arch slackers like Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh, and Pavement.

90s indie rock parallels aside, the group draws further crucial influence from all the major havens of the International Pop Underground, including the numerous boy-girl revolutionaries of 80s Glasgow and 90s Olympia WA, as well as the Kiwi jangle of New Zealand’s Flying Nun Records.

Together, the three teamsters Jonathan (voc, g), Emile (b) and Malte (dr) craft a signature sound that combines intuitive, tuneful guitar playing and languidly sincere vocals with a foundation of carefree four-string countermelodies and inventive, jazz-tinged rhythm work.

Active since the late summer of 2015, the team met thanks to a series of happy coincidences involving musicological institutes and local classifieds. They quickly bonded over their mutual love for Daniel Johnston, comic zines, and certain jazz records.

Within a matter of six weeks, they hastily assembled a short set of original songs and played their first gig at invitation of the then fledgling XB Sunday Matinee in November of the same year. The following months saw the band play a seemingly endless string of hometown shows, which culminated in a first short tour with kindred spirits Nunofyrbeeswax in fall 2016.

Early in 2017, the band teamed up with The History of Colour TV’s Jaike Stambach to record their debut full-length ‘Anyone Can Draw’ at a Neukölln rehearsal studio. The album, featuring 11 A.T. originals, was released digitally and on cassette tape through Geertruida on March 22, 2018. The following months will see the band continuing to take their playful abandon to stages at home and abroad.

Besides playing in Adventure Team, Jonathan plays bass in the Berlin post punk band I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream and has been an occasional member of fellow Berlin bands Skiing and Nunofyrbeeswax. Moreover, he sometimes moonlights as a makeshift recording engineer for the latter and helps organize local shows as part of the XB Sunday Matinee.

Emile is the author of several self-published comic zines, among them the formidably surreal ‘Scumbag Sam’ series. Malte can be found hitting the skins in the conceptual jazz duo Panzerkraft and has furthermore been spotted as a frequent contender in various chess and backgammon tournaments around town.

Adventure Team will be supported by Fusel. The slightly dire atmosphere of a provincial town bang next to a motorway oscillates in Fusel’s dynamic sound, which – created with a lo-fi attitude – is hard to pin down to a specific style of music. Some call Fusel a shoegaze/noise trio, a post-punk “Neue Stuttgarter Schule” band or even a dreamy krautrock collective. Definitely divergent! Look forward to songs about weddings and schnapps amongst others, (and a tv on stage).


Adventure Team + Fusel

31 May 2018 | Doors 21:00 CET | Start 22:00 CET
internet explorer | Ziegrastr. 11 | 12057 Berlin-Neukölln
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