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Looks like being considered a Muslim is the least of Barack’s 99 problems now…
It seems that Supertouch’s own RON ENGLISH can’t catch a break. After gifting the residents of Boston’s South End with a 100 foot long rainbow “Abraham Obama” wheatpaste poster mural depicting the image of presidential hopeful BARACK OBAMA melded with the portrait of America’s 16th president, the city’s residents are crying for its removal. Not on political or even aesthetic grounds—though the installation has polarized viewers on both topics—but for the hundreds of illegal posters that have since popped up on walls around the city. Installed legally to commemorate the opening of Boston’s GALLERY XIV political art show “A Politic,” it seems our resident Popagandist made plentiful black & white copies of his hybrid portrait available free of charge to the show’s attendees who have since taken it upon themselves to plaster the images on nearly every flat vertical surface around town. With the gallery fielding angry calls from the Mayor’s office and MSNBC reporting nationally on the event, it seems young Abe’s days might be numbered. Enjoy it while you can.