Aaron Moore & Erik K Skodvin + Janek Sprachta at Arkaoda / Monday, 28.05.2018

Aaron & Erik have been fans of each others work for many years. From Erik’s work as Svarte Greiner, and with the groups Deaf Center and B/B/S, to Aaron’s work with Volcano The Bear, Gospel Of Mars and his duo with Alan Courtis. They have created a large and eclectic body of work between them. They first started working together back in 2012 to start collect material that would end up on the 20 year anniversary, Volcano The Bear box set “Commencing”, released on Erik´s Miasmah label in 2015. On the side of this mega-project, they slowly worked on sending music, sounds and improvisations back and forth to try create something together. These recordings sees it´s completion and release first now in 2018, almost 6 years since their humble beginning. Their duo album “Instead of rain i bring a hat” will be released this summer on Hands in the Dark records. An album that sounds unique amongst their output that sees the end of one chapter and the start of a new one. Currently, Aaron is an Englishman in New York while Erik is a Norwegian in Berlin. Both of them enjoy a good pint and ridiculous sentence.

Aaron Moore is an Englishman residing in Brooklyn, New York who plays music with instruments & devices. Primarily a drummer he generally considers any instrument or object playable in one way or another. Moore is a founding member of the English experimental group Volcano The Bear. Formed in 1995 VTB have been critically acclaimed as one the leading lights of the British experimental music scene. In a 2006 feature on the group the Wire magazine described them as “producing some of the finest, wildest British music of the last 10 years on record & on stage”. Aaron Moore is an Englishman residing in Brooklyn, New York who plays music with instruments & devices.

As a solo performer Moore thrives on the unpredictable. Since moving to Brooklyn in 2006, he has been developing his solo work in a number of ways using 4-track tape machines, percussion, trumpet and voice to create methodical sonic environments, with the constant potential for chaos and collapse leading him to new territories. A habit for audience participation/gentle manipulation is also crucial to his live work. Moore is a firm believer in spontaneity. Being as loosely prepared as possible is his mother of invention.

Janek Sprachta is a drummer, composer and instrumentalist from Berlin. Early in his life he started learning drums and began to play various other instruments, steadily expanding his musical vocabulary. Also a member of Siva., and Berlin bands The History of Colour TV and OMP, Janek shows his roots in the structures of his pieces and head dives from there into new sound territories. Aided by synthesizers, effect units ad his trusty drumkit, his solo pieces are wide ranging and have many faces.

Aaron Moore & Erik K Skodvin + Janek Sprachta

Monday, 28th May 2018 | Doors 20:00 CET
Arkaoda | Karl-Marx Platz 16 | 12043 Berlin, Germany

Aaron Moore | Erik K Skodvin | Janek Sprachta | Event @ Facebook

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