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“À la Cravate” Opening w/ Altberliner Nadelballett & Guido Möbius @ A La Cravate Berlin | Friday, 13.06.2014

The tie, a formerly notorious inhabitant of bureaus, hotel lobbies and faculty rooms, has a bad reputation. Actually even less than that. After “casual Fridays”, Thursdays and so on it´s close to total insignificance, not to say on the brink of extinction, anyway it´s probably one of the most unfashionable items you could wear.

But the tie does have quite a history as the ultimate finish to a man´s suit, and his utmost chance for textile creativity. It exists in infinite patterns, colors and varieties, with the most valuable fabrics being used that you don´t find in other textiles.

This singularity fascinates berlin-based gardener, DJ and fashion designer Chris Zschaber, he sees its decline in public attention as a big chance to have a pure aesthetic and free-of ideology view at the mere product. In his shop “A la Cravate” on Greifswalder Straße he offers the probably most amazing tie collection in Berlin.

For the opening, Chris Zschaber invited the legendary “Altberliner Nadelballett” dj team (needle ballet of ancient Berlin), a two-man operated vinyl live act. Choosing from thousands of loops on special records, they create a very unique sound “on the go” by interactively blending in and out new cycles, with some of them rather working as a rhythm section and others telling the story. Five turntables are being used as well as an effect machine.

As additional special guest dj, multiinstrumentalist and loop machine wizzard Guido Möbius will spin a few records of his collection.


“À la Cravate” Opening w/ Altberliner Nadelballett & Guido Möbius

Friday, 13th June 2014 | 12:00 CET
À la Cravate | Greifswalder Str. 9 | 10405 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg

alacravate.de | soundcloud.com/altberliner-nadelballett | soundcloud.com/guidomoebius


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