3DMIN CONCERT #1 Complexity w/ Hans Tammen, Himalo and Alberto de Campo at Leap Berlin / Monday 24.11.2014

“3DMIN CONCERT #1 – Complexity” is the first event in a collaborative Lecture and Performance Series between the TU, UdK, 3DMIN and LEAP. With the project 3DMIN (Design, Development and Dissemination of New Musical Instruments) an interdisciplinary team of researchers and artists work on questions regarding the multitude of aspects of historical and contemporary electronic musical instruments.

In close collaboration with international artists and in hands-on courses for students of the associated universities the TU and UDK, prototypes of new musical instruments are developed. The emerging designs are evaluated regarding their versatility and expressiveness in artistic practice.


Hans Tammen started developing his interactive instrument “Endangered Guitar” in the year 2000. It is a combination of sound creation through means of mechanical devices plus custom software programming, then using the guitar as a sound source and controller at the same time. In addition to the complexities of playing an “extended instrument”, the computer challenges the performer by providing ambiguities, uncertainties and variabilities.


The performer has to act on multiple dimensions, a situation that has prompted Roger Dean to coin the term “Hyperimprovisation” for these musical complexities. Hans Tammen will discuss his “Endangered Guitar” practice, and what lessons he learned playing a computerized instrument in hundreds of concerts. Further, he discusses how his approach to music, rhythm, and improvisation has changed over the last 40 years, and how it has shaped the technology that he uses today. The evening will be completed with two additional performances by Alberto de Campo and Himalo


Alberto de Campo will present his piece Metacontrol Study Nr 1. Based on recent experiments with more indirect forms of control (‘Lose control, gain influence’), this performance will be an attempt to formulate a balance between gradually relinquishing control of the sounding processes in play and handling the ensuing surprises gracefully.

An last but not least himalo will perform the work Turbulences and Memory. Multichannel solo-performance using 3Dmins first instrument prototype PushPull to observe, learn and play with auto-generated and self-regulating digital feedback networks.

3DMIN CONCERT #1 – Complexity
Hans Tammen, Himalo and Alberto de Campo

Monday, 24th December 2014 | 18:00 CET
LEAP | Leipziger Str. 63 | 10117 Berlin/Mitte

tammen.org | Event @ Facebook | leapknecht.de | 3dmin.org

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