Picture: Milena Wohan
Picture: Milena Wohan

25 years amSTARt w/ Angela Aux, Circaeaa, El Khat, Lake Felix, Walls and Birds & more in Berlin / Sunday, 14.1.2024

On March 5th 2024 the so called “mobile Konzept Konzertreihe” amSTARt has its 25th Birthday! 2500 Live Acts have been presented In more then 100 venues on more than 1000 Shows.

Some of them got famous (Jamie Lidell or Sophie Hunger), others didnt. But each one was special. Generations of musicians got the possibility to step into the musicscene and get in touch with musicbiz. Many became friends and some of them founded new Bands and Projects right after amSTARt Shows.

For the Birthdayparty im mid march (14.3-16.3.2024) there will be three days of exclusive shows in typical amSTARt Style: well mixed line ups in a familiar atmosphere. At least seven Acts will perform in different locations: Schokoladen, B.L.O. Kantine and Galiläakirche.

The Line-Ups are special: Nichtseattles english version Lake Felix will play for the first time as a Trio, El Khat will perform a calm solo set. The Neukölln Softpop Band Walls and Birds will play their instrumental album “Sun Island” for the first time live. On top there will be Record-Releaseshows of the wonderful psychedelic Pop Group Angela Aux und of Mattthias Wyder aka Sound 8 Orchestra. Plus the actual Project of ex-Nouvelle Vague Singer Phoebe Killdeer (featuring Ole Wulfers). The Last Night with El Khat and Lake Felix is for free.

Walls & Birds had a furious comeback in 2023 with their new record ”Less than a kilometer away” on the Berlin label Beatbude. On the day of the release, Walls & Birds came out with another delight: “Sun Island”, a 25 minute instrumental compilation of new melodies for two classical guitars. Tillie & Leo will present those and other compositions in celebration of the 25th anniversary of their long-term partner and friend amSTARt for the first time on a Berlin stage.

El Khat is a homemade junkyard band led by multi instrumentalist Eyal El Wahab. The band brings original compositions inspired by the music of the golden age in Aden, Yemen. El Wahab plays many instruments, like the dli and the Kearat that he constructed himself. A child of the Yemeni diaspora who’s grown up in Tel Aviv Jaffa.

25 Jahre amSTARt w/ Angela Aux, Circaeaa, El Khat, Lake Felix, Walls and Birds, The Shift, Sound 8 Orchestra & more.

Sunday, 14.1.2024 | Doors 19:00 | Starts 20:00 CET
Diverse locations in Berlin: Schokoladen, Galiläakiirche, BLO Kantine

http://amstart.tv | Event @ Facebook | Tickets
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