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10 Years of Denseland at Kantine am Berghain / Tuesday, 20.11.2018

DENSELAND – David Moss – Hannes Strobl – Hanno Leichtmann celebrate 10 Years of the bands existance and a belated record release of their 2107 release of “disco dictionary” on arbitrary label. They also invited Poison Arrow and Daniela Huerta to join the lineup for an extraordinary evening.

Listening to Denseland evokes shades of bygone music’s and not: Lou Reed’s Berlin period, Joy Division, the extended vocal madness of Roy Hart and Laurie Anderson, the distortions of the early Contortions, reduced Grandmaster Flash and John Carpenter scores. But Denseland’s sound also exists in its own sealed universe – one spanned by sinister timbres of seduction, grooves of foreboding imbued with a sardonic, almost wicked humor. The tracks lure the listener in through an incessant, underlying, looping drive; a forwards moving groove and throbbing pulse that both pushes back and ensnares you simultaneously. Under its sparse, crystalline, minimalist surface, Denseland’s music reveals contradictory undercurrents – unsettling noise, weird breaks, ominous drones, grinding distortion, disjointed electronic pulses, fractured beats, disfigured sounds.

Poison Arrow is the new musical alter ego of Colombian multimedia artist and Dj Natalia Escobar.
She started using sound as a material while doing her fine art degree at Central St Martins
College in London. Escobar began applying field and voice recordings to installations and since
then she has created an unconfined breadth of work with varied applications of sound. Poison Arrow deals with concepts around social imagination and mysticism in Colombian Carrilera music; a regional folk music that emerged in the coffee region as a catharsis for the broken hearted, and as a respite from the sometimes violent existence of the farmers working life. Poison Arrow provides a modern interpretation of this unique cultural heritage rescuing its drama, passion, and dark humor.

10 Years of DENSELAND (David Moss Hannes Strobl Hanno Leichtmann) with Poison Arrow and Baby Vulture

Tuesday, 20th November 2018 | Doors 21:00 CET | Starts 21:30 CET
Kantine am Berhain | Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10243 Berlin

Denseland | Poison Arrow | Event @ Facebook

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