Whip Cracking & Death Defying w/ Column One & many more at Roter Salon / Friday, 23.12.2016

Column One & affiliated monks celebrate 23 years of experimental, sacred neanderthal culture, in their their last live performance. Concerts, Actions, Films, Handshake-Record-Release-Art & Dj sets for a night of electronic bones, obscure speeches, neanderthal actions & political underwear.

Column One was founded by René Lamp, Robert Schalinski and Eike Bölling in Berlin in 1993. Around the two core members Lamp and Schalinski a loose and constantly changing collective of artists and musicians formed that has been active since. The collective approaches Western art and culture from a deconstructionist angle. They have always stressed the contextual, the process in their work. They don’t make “records”; they don’t play “concerts”. It is always more than that. The group has commented frequently on the importance of Dada and collage as a technical blueprint for their actions. Column One dissect our corporate reality. They lay bare the filters that are imposed upon our outlook on the world. Perhaps most notoriously, they did this with their film Braunserver, which cut up television ads and their audio tracks in a brutally fast sequence to create a bombardment of shocking obscenity.

Frieder Butzmann was the first Post-Punk. Appeared since 1976 at different places as SO 36 in Berlin Kreuzberg and Museum of Modern Art New York. He did things like Musik für eine Barocke Party, a Klingon Opera, more than 30 radio plays, Sound art pieces and internet projects as Spunkkrachlexikon or comish music. Still working permanently at his Studio für Komische Music in Berlin.

Pan Daijing is a performance and sound artist born and raised in southwest China, currently based in Berlin. This year sees her doing residency at Foundazione Prada Venice, presenting commissioned piece at Shanghai’s Rockbund Museum and performing Berlin’s Volksbuehne. Music wise she is quickly rising with ecstatic power electronics-techno and a multiplying practice covering wide geographical and interdisciplinary range. As a live improviser, her sound performance is steeped in industrial noise, cinematic atmospherics and sexual charge, drifting into drone and giddy, twisted beats. Every work of hers is heavily themed and is a powerful combination of body and sound.


Hacklander \ Hatam is the hard-hittin drum + electronic music duo of Colin Hacklander & Farahnaz Hatam. Interested in transparency, liberation, rhythmic stability & its absence, the depth of radical material heteronomy in contemporary capitalism & the nature of our mobilised conditioning; sound as sculptural material; sound as a medium in which ideas are communicated; digital sound synthesis with SuperCollider; drums, percussion & gongs.

Marc Weiser  studied philosophy and outer european music in düsseldorf and berlin- plays git , vox, electronic- 3 years head of programm for the club  maria am ostbahnhof  in berlin- working 3 years for different record labels as product manager (eye q / harthouse / königshaus / wea …) – part of the organizer – team of the international festival for electronic music and related visual art – club transmediale since 1999- part of the audio – visual project rechenzentrum / steady live performances wordwide (asia, southamerica, russia, usa, canada, europe…)- working with international dance companys at theater am turm / frankfurt ballett and unterwegs theater / forum neue aktuelle kunst, heidelberg- part of the ensemble for contemporary music zeitkratzer since january 2003- solo guitar performances as marc marcovic (instant fake traditionals). countless recordings.

Whip Cracking & Death Defying

Saturday and Sunday, 07-8th January 2017 | Doors 20:00 CET | Start 21:00 CET
Roter Salon / Volksbühne | Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz 1 | 10178 Berlin-Prenzlauerberg


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