TRANSMUTE IV / unreif at Kantine am Berghain / Wednesday, 21.12.2016

In the style of cross-over, „Transmute“ entangled Ozdemir with his ensemble Musica Sequenza two different eras into an extraordinary electro-acoustic composition. Transmute, is an exciting and digital work, characterized by a strongly accented rhythm and layering constantly recurring musical elements. Numerous, almost noise-like sounds and the experimental design of the plant are part of Ozdemir’s latest avant-garde. Baroque meets contemporary sounds, historical instruments resonates next to the synthesizers and unheard beats. The motifs exist in a liquid space-time continuum, alternating between the baroque and contemporary eras.

The groundbreaking baroque ensemble Musica Sequenza was founded in 2008 by its artistic director Burak Özdemir. The group received in the blink of an eye, international attention for their unique interpretations of baroque music. The Ensemble performs historical concerts on period instruments as well as innovative and passionate electro-baroque shows, where electronic and early music are brought in dialogue.

The series Transmute is a playground for subversion and anarchy. A crude idealism is brought to sound in a dystopian synthesized texture. The listener is placed in the midst of the disconcerting sound flow, witnessing what appears on the sonic surface. By virtuosic improvisation on period instruments, Musica Sequenza produces a radial aesthetic articulation that brings lyric content to the foreground at the expense of any pre-existing sound structures.

Musica Sequenza’s artistic vision; “Electro-Baroque” is highlighted in three specific productions; “Opera del Futuro”, “Transmute” and “Sampling Baroque”. The interdisciplinary team of “Opera del Futuro” brings an existing baroque opera score into focus and through decomposition a spontaneous and non-dogmatic version reinvents itself. The recomposition merges not only musical or scenic fragments, but also goes to the very core of the content and structure of the original work. Opera del Futuro unites voice, period instruments, live electronics, contemporary dance, and multi-media to create choreographic music theatre.

Musica Sequenza LIVE

Wednesday, 21th December 2016 | 20:00 CET
Kantine am Berghain | Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10243 Berlin-Frederichstain | | Event@Facebook


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