D/B Recommended: Bill Drummond’s “The 17” perform Score 328 “Surround” in Berlin | Saturday, 23.03.2013

Led by Bill Drummond The17 are to perform Score 328: SURROUND in Berlin on the afternoon of Saturday, 24 November 2012. This performance will be the tenth in The17’s City-to-City world tour.

As the choir project nears completion, this performance of Score 328. Surround will by one of The17s last.

South Africa-born and Scotland borderlands-raised singer/songwriter/producer Bill “King Boy D” Drummond has been shocking audiences since the late ’70s. Together with his long time partner, Jimmy “Rockman Rock” Cauty, he was the co-founder of late 1980s avant-garde pop group The KLF and its 1990s media-manipulating successor, the K Foundation, with which he burned a million pounds in 1994.

Like the Monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Drummond has always been a step ahead of human evolution, guiding us on. Manager of The Teardrop Explodes, co-inventor of ambient and trance house, number one pop star, situationist pagan, folk troubadour, pan-dimensional zanarchist gentleman of leisure…and then, he THROWS IT ALL AWAY, machine-guns the audience and dumps a dead sheep on the doorstep of the Brit Awards and vanishes to build dry-stone walls.

Drummond is many things, and one of those things is a magician. Many of his schemes… involve symbolically-weighted acts conducted away from the public gaze and documented only by Drummond himself and his participating comrades. Nevertheless, they are intended to have an effect on a worldful of people unaware that the act in question has taken place. That is magical thinking. Art is magic, and so is pop. Bill Drummond is a cultural magician…” (Charles Shaar Murray in The Independent).

Drummond has continued to be involved with a variety of projects outside of music. He produced a short film, Rites Of Mu, narrated by American actor Martin Sheen, on the Isle of Jura, and co-authored a book, Bad Wisdom, with Mark Manning of Zodiac Mindwarp & Love Reaction, based on their trip to the North Pole.

More recent art activities, carried out in Drummond’s chosen name of the Penkiln Burn, include making and giving away cakes, soup, flowers, beds and shoe-shines. More recent music projects include No Music Day, and the international tour of a choir called The 17.


The 17  perform Surround LIVE

Saturday, 23 March 2013
Various Locations all across Berlin

penkilnburn.com | the17.org