Sonny & The Sunsets + Rachel Glassberg at Acud / Tuesday, 15.09.2015

Sonny & the Sunsets are a beautiful West Coast thing. Birthed from the sand, the surf, and twilight campfires down in Ocean Beach, Sonny & the Sunsets’ busted beach-pop songs spark recollections of doo wop’s otherworldly despair, a dose of goofball humor from the Michael Hurley school, and positive possibilities exuded by Jonathan Richman.

Helmed by the singer / songwriter, playwright, author & onetime troubadour Sonny Smith, The Sunsets have featured a revolving door lineup that have included Shayde Sartin, Ryan Browne, Kelley Stoltz and Tahlia Harbour. Adopting a range of sounds Smith’s sardonic, laid-back style is interwoven throughout his compelling songwriting and vocals.


Inspired by songwriting giants like Randy Newman, Jonathan Richman, and John Prine, Rachel Glassberg writes melodically rich and lyrically dense songs that relate bittersweet love tales, geeky science stories, real-life historical events and seemingly anything that springs into her mind. Expect jazz-colored chords, clever wordplay, infectious melodies and a charming quirkiness that creeps up at every turn.

Glassberg’s music is hyper-clever songwriting wrapped in a layer of delightfully-warm ukulele-slinging twee pop melodies, including an economic analysis of the position of the aimless artist in late capitalism, a crib notes pop song version of Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room,” and a track called “Sharknado!” which should speak for itself.

Sonny & The Sunsets + Rachel Glassberg & Band

Tuesday, 15 September 2015 | 20:00 CET
Acud | Veteranenstr. 21 | 10119 Berlin | |


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