Otis Sandsjö at Kantine Berghain / Monday 14.12.2020


As a release concert for his fabulous new album Y-Otis 2 Otis Swedish saxophonist Sandjö will play a special live concert at Berghain’s Kantine this December, presented by AmStart.

Berlin-based Swedish saxophonist Otis Sandsjö returns with the eagerly-awaited sequel to “Y-OTIS”. On “Y-OTIS 2”, released by We Jazz Records on July 24, Sandsjö and his close associate, bassist/producer Petter Eldh (of Koma Saxo), deepen their vision of genre-bending, forward-looking “liquid jazz” of tomorrow. The core group also includes Dan Nicholls on keys and Tilo Weber on drums, and also featured on the album are Swedish jazz greats Jonas Kullhammar (of Koma Saxo) and Per “Texas” Johansson, cellist Lucy Railton and trumpeter Ruhi-Deniz Erdogan.

Diving deeper into “Y-OTIS 2”, you’ll find details and ideas galore. The album is an inviting and inspiring audio mosaic, which links back into the previous Sandsjö/Eldh collaborations, namely “Y-OTIS” and “Koma Saxo”. The result is a balanced album which quenches your thirst while making you more thirsty in the process. In other words, the many micro moods and sonic levels herein invite repeated listening, while the underlying rhythmic approach is informed as much by hip hop and electronica as by jazz, making the music approachable in a very natural way.

It seems unnecessary to pull the album apart by name-checking individual tracks but just for the sake of easy introduction, the single cuts “tremendoce”, “ity bity” and “abysmal” offer one idea of signposts along which to navigate. “tremendoce” brings in Swedish jazz great Jonas Kullhammar (of Koma Saxo) and Per “Texas” Johansson, introducing an infectious flute loop integrating into the Y-OTIS sound, making it organic to the bone. “ity bity” could be built on a new wave synth sample (but it’s not) and “abysmal” brings more serene, even ambient-sounding sonic pathways onto the map. It all belongs together, and makes for a sound that is instantly recognisable and constantly fresh. This is “Mauerpark liquid jazz” for the new decade.

Otis Sandsjö LIVE

Monday, 14th December 2020 | 19:00 CET
Kantine Berghain | Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain

wejazz.fi | berghain.berlin | otissandsjo.com

Photo Credit: otissandsjo.com

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