Olimpia Splendid, Siihhi & Circular Ruins at Acud / Wednesday , 11.11.2015

Olimpia Splendid was founded in the summer of 2010 in Helsinki. They play hypnotic out-of tune electric guitar music. Noisy and playful songs with haunted vocals and drum machine loops are composed and performed by Heta Bilaletdin, Jonna Karanka und Katri Sipiläinen. They have also played in Toblerones, Melmac, Bir iki, Hertta Lussu Ässä, Hockey Night, MYTTYS and Kuupuu. Fonal Records released their 7″ ep in 2013 which was followed by a full-length debut in July 2015.

SIIHHI plays a beautiful, wistful melody and turns it into an out-of tune fucked up hip-hop thing. SIIHHI is the new solo-project of Samuli Tanner. His experimental electronic music has a strange appeal: clumsy on purpose, sometimes dark, sometimes syrup, sometimes makes you dance, sometimes falls to pieces. Samuli has been previously worked under the names Worldbank and Ponytail.

CIRCULAR RUINS (Marijn Degenaar) is an ambient project hailing from Berlin. Formed after two members of Marijn’s previous band ILL WINDS relocated back home to Australia. CIRCULAR RUINS’ soundscapes transports the listener to faraway, ancient worlds. Soaring melodies atop marching synthesizer sequences and lush phasing drones meander through the still void.
CIRCULAR RUIN’s debut recording, North of the Sun, will appear soon on casette/digital on Berlin based imprint PORTALS EDITIONS.

Oplimpia Splendid, Siihhi & Circular Cuins

Wednesday, 11 November 2015 | Doors 20:00 CET | Concert 21:00 CET
Acud Macht Neu! | Veteranenstr. 21 | 10119 Berlin/Mitte

soundcloud.com/olimpiasplendid | soundcloud.com/bankworld/tracks | soundcloud.com/circular_ruins | acudmachtneu.de

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