D/B Recommended: Nate Young, Keith Fullerton Whitman & Dalglish @ Urban Spree Berlin | Sunday, 13.10.2013

One of the most captivating and individual characters on the electronic scene today, Nate Young is best known for his work in the group Wolf Eyes.
D/B Recommended: Nate Young, Keith Fullerton Whitman & Dalglish @ Urban Spree Berlin | Sunday, 13.10.2013
As a solo artist, Young has refined his musical approach: bass, synthesizers, organic electronics and raw unfeigned vocals to compose an intense, slow-burning darkness at all the right moments.

Deep, percussive brutality and pulsing neurosis mesh with somber burial hymns, held together by Young’s technical prowess and mastery of his chosen gear.

Nate Young | Collapse

Each frequency is given its own unique role and characteristic voice, deeply chilled by the arid space of decay via tape manipulation/disintegration.

Atonal, morphing, and modulating bass lines pulse and plod their way through, like the unseen presence of the undead ascending a creaking stairway, leading upwards toward a nebulous void. This establishes a truly horrific atmosphere while honoring primitive technology, refined with a thick dose of originality.

Nate Young | Live In The Wierd

Keith Fullerton Whitman (b.1973) is an american experimental electronic musician and composer whose prolific work is bending genres from ambient music, drone, electronic, drill and bass, musique concrète to krautrock.

Recording under his name since 2001 – active in the field of electronic music from the early 90′s under different monikers – his adventurous sounds has been documented on labels such as PAN Records, Editions Mego, Kranky, NNA tapes, Planet Mu or No Fun Production to quote a few.

Keith Fullerton Whitman | Generator 1

Mastering and pushing his modular gear at the extreme, building up the intensity through complex structures, sharp beats and far deep frequencies, his live shows are recognize to drive the audience in to a complete experience, equally physical and mind blowing.

Chris Douglas hiding behind Dalglish, O.S.T., Scald Rougish and several other aliases is an unsung hero of electronic/IDM/experimental scene, for about 20 years creating complex mathematical sound constructions charged with emotion and full of wide sonic spaces.

Dalglish | 3.9.2004

Having released albums OtJohr and Benacah Drann Deachd on Highpoint Lowlife and Record Label Records, he puts you in an entirely separate world full of unpredictable algorithms, twists, mood swings and, of course, subtle beauty.

Having a rich back catalogue, Dalglish explored various corners and spaces of electronic music, thus experimenting with different combinations of sound.

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Nate Young, Keith Fullerton Whitman & Dalglish  LIVE
presented by Manuela Benetton & UnReal

Sunday, 13 October 2013 | 20:00 CET
Urban Spree | Revaler Str. 99 | 10245 Berlin/Friedrichshain

wolfeyes.net/nateyoung | keithfullertonwhitman.com | recordlabelrecords.org/dalglish | unreal-life.comurbanspree.com