Lucrecia Dalt and Ursula Bogner at Spektrum Berlin / Sunday, 13.12.2015

As a release event for her new album on Care Of editions Columbian musician Lucrecia Dalt will give a special performance at the Spektrum art space in Neukölln. Also playing on the night will be Ursula Bogner which is the retronica alias of Jan Jelinek, and on this occassion Jan will be accompanied by his Groupshow bandmate Andrew Pekler.

Along the arc of Dalt’s music, beyond what steers her so allusively away from self-repetition, there is an undefinable forward inertia. What can explain, for instance, the near absence of her voice? Is it personal interest, renunciation, an embrace? Is she driven by a backdrop of conceptualism, or is this a lyrical wandering?

What we know, for starters, is that she made this album immersed in a cinema of her own, curatorial creation. Its filmic quality is a direct consequence of her turning her studio into a screening room for classic works of New German Cinema, pulling influence from directors such as Helke Sander and Werner Schroeter. As she works, she absorbs, and Ou results from a conscious staging of this process. The impact can be felt both at the levels of surface and structure. While the sound quality reflects these evocative, multi-layered scenarios, the larger departure from any of her previous works is the album’s spatial, mix-like composition, with each track being made up of several
companion titles.

Ursula Bogner (Jan Jelinek, Andrew Pekler) (1946 – 1994) German pharmacist, artist and musician, she attended courses with Herbert Eimert, founder of the Studio für elektronische Musik in Köln at the WDR, became interested in these new sounds and recorded synthesizer musics privately for many years.

Long after, Jan Jelinek met her son by chance and learned about his mother’s hobby, finally publishing a compilation of music from the scarcely marked reel-to-reel tapes and HiFi-cassettes. It seems almost incredible that Ursula Bogner’s musical talents should have remained undiscovered until now. Yet in view of her biography, this might have been just as inevitable.

Lucrecia Dalt and Ursula Bogner

Sunday 13th December 2015 | Doors 19:00 Start 20:00
SPEKTRUMberlin | Bürknerstraße 12 | 12047 Berlin-Neukölln | | Event @ Facebook


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