Lucrecia Dalt, Jason Grier, Don the Tiger, Marc Sabat @ NK Berlin | Thursday, 20.02.2014

Lucrecia Dalt first discovered the craft of music after a brief career as a civil engineer in Medellín, Colombia. Since that time, she has ventured equally far into popular genres and experimental techniques, collaborating with Medellín’s Series Media Collective, Berlin’s F.S.Blumm and Gudrun Gut, Los Angeles’ Julia Holter, and, most recently, international collective, Human Ear Music.

Lucrecia Dalt | Inframince

In this time, she has always balanced the sharp mind of a methodical thinker with the restless heart of a passionate artist, gradually seeking a way to create hand-crafted mental states through sound. Her long commitment to this pursuit has resulted, not to an overt confrontation of style versus intellect, but, rather, to a beguiling and subtle way of making accessible music that, nonetheless, feels like an invitation to risk, and a sensual approach to complexity. Over time, she has developed a sophisticated performance experience that falls squarely in the technical world of electronic producers, while giving priority to the lived experience of mind, body, presence, and the subtle perception of emotional vulnerability.

Jason Grier | Are You Nervous?

Jason Grier is a music producer and composer of electronic and electroacoustic music. He is the founder and director of Human Ear Music. He has had numerous collaborations with, and produced record releases and concerts by, artists such as Ariel Pink, Julia Holter, Nite Jewel, Michael Pisaro, William Basinski, Linda Perhacs and Lucrecia Dalt. His own work takes the same genre-agnostic approach as the curation of his label, often focussing, in a conceptually and aesthetically complex way, on the deep sonic and subjective entanglements that create our understandings of the value of music. He currently resides in Berlin, Germany.

Don The Tiger | Girasol

Adrián de Alfonso aka Don The Tiger has been one of the most active and inquisitive musicians of Barcelona’s underground scene for over a decade. Not only as a front-man of key bands such as Bèstia Ferida, Veracruz or Homenatges, but also accompanying Lydia Lunch, Mark Cunningham, Weasel Walter, Carla Bozulich or Robert Forster. In mid-2011 de Alfonso moved to Berlin, where he found the space to record “Varadero”, his first album as Don the Tiger after 15 years of continuous demoing. “Varadero”, mixed in 2013 by experimental extraordinaire Valerio Tricoli, tones down his primal menacing instincts (the kind of sonic assault one would associate with Esplendor Geométrico, Scorn, or Keiji Haino) to focus on more melodic and exciting territories.

Marc Sabat & Lorenzo Ponpa | Father’s Suit

Canadian composer Marc Sabat (*1965) has been based in Berlin since 1999. His work with acoustic instruments and electronics draws inspiration from investigations of the sounding and perception of Just Intonation, American folk and experimental musics, and the relations between musical and visual artforms.

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Lucrecia Dalt, Jason Grier, Don the Tiger and Marc Sabat  LIVE

Thursday, 20 February | 20:00 CET
NK | Elsenstraße 52, 2.Hinterhaus Etage 2 | 12059 Berlin/Neukölln

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