Picture: DJDIESOON by Zoya Bassi
Picture: DJDIESOON by Zoya Bassi

Kookoo 15 at OHM / Friday, 5.7.2024

A sine wave oscillator acts as the symbol for KOOKOO’s 15tha anniversary. Visual artist CARLY FISCHER has reimagined it in the form of a cardboard sculpture, making reference to the music and practice of composer Pauline Oliveros. The ideator of deep listening began to explore her concept of communication and existence through sound by tuning some oscillators above the range of human hearing. She moved along the fringes of audibility, with frequencies resonating through bodies, disappearing from the auditory spectrum, but still there, somewhere, responding to each other, like phantoms, between past and present.

As far as the sending part of Pauline Oliveros’ philosophy is concerned, perhaps you, the audience of KOOKOO, will be able to tell us how we have managed so far

As for receiving, 15 years after we started KOOKOO, in the summer of 2009, we feel blessed. Humbled. Incredibly lucky. Amazed by the support and dedication that friends have shown us over the years, by the commitment and touching performances that musicians and artists have gifted to us, by the response of the people who actually make a night special.

Kookoo 15 w/ DJ Die Soon & Rully Shabara (live), Fitfot (Korhan Erel & Tuçe Erel / live), Maya Wada, Mieko Suzuki & Ara, Rabih Beaini and Tot Onyx

Friday, 5.7.2024
OHM Berlin | Köpenicker Straße 70 | 10179 Berlin

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KOOKOO is a family affair. A multifaceted collaboration led by sound artist Mieko Suzuki and writer Arno Raffeiner aka Ara, with a home base at OHM Berlin. With a very dedicated following, KOOKOO focuses on electronic music, sonic poetry and its connections to visual art. The special KOOKOO atmosphere is created through a constant dialogue between the artists responding to each other and a dialogue with the audience.
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