Kometenmelodien w/ Jackie Lynn at Kantine am Berghain / Sunday, 06.11.2016

Jackie Lynn was born in Franklin, TN on June 1st, 1990: “I’ve always been the source of action. My mom didn’t even make it to the hospital before I decided to come into this world. She had to lie right down on the sidewalk in front of Rolling Hills Hospital as doctors hovered around to help. It was storming that morning, and right as I was coming into the world a bolt of lighting fell from the sky, striking my mother right in the belly. They say I shot out of her like a bullet from a gun, right into oncoming traffic.”


Jackie, now a 25-­year-­old Gemini residing somewhere unknown, has mysteriously disappeared after leaving a chronological musical artifact that the city of Chicago is now using to try to trace her whereabouts.

Haley Fohr is a dramatic storyteller. The music she makes as Circuit Des Yeux channels complex narratives and emotions, fueled by slow-burning arrangements and her dark, evocative voice. With all the scenes and characters she conjures, taking on a new persona–especially one with an intensely detailed backstory–could be overkill. Why add another layer to a musician who already has so many?

Fohr’s new solo project, Jackie Lynn, answers that question pretty clearly. Inventing this character has emboldened her storytelling, producing more direct rock songs with sharper plots. Jackie Lynn is a woman on the run, perhaps even an outlaw. We often encounter her in the middle of a trip–Fohr continually mentions highways, locales, and means of travel–and watch her take decisive action at every step. She confronts obstacles without flinching in Fohr’s most tough-minded lyrics to date.

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Kometenmelodien w/ Jackie Lynn

Sunday, 6th November 2016 | 20:00 CET
Kantine am Berghain | Rüdersdorfer Str. 70 | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain

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