KIMFEST w/ Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus, Gropper/Graupe/Lillinger, PRANKE, Ensemble Mosaik & more at Prachtwerk Berlin / 8-10.12.2016

With an exciting program, the KIMFEST is back for the 3rd year, from Dec 8-10, 2016 at Prachtwerk Berlin.

KIM artists are musicians whose curiosity allows them to boldly cross any artificially drawn borders between musical genres. Each member is both a composer and an improvisor and is capable of combing those two necessarily different approaches. They are willing to try things differently than the norm. Everything is possible, and stylistic boundaries do not exist. Members are just as likely to be inspired by jazz as by new music, drum&bass, hip-hop, electronica or Balkan folk music. Composers and artists such as Morton Feldman, Björk and Radiohead are all treated with equal respect. Additionally, members see the interconnectivity of all art forms and are therefore open to collaborations with artists from all other disciplines, such as visual arts, architecture, dance, theatre, film and poetry.

Sidsel Endresen + Stian Westerhus: Ruthlessly dynamic, pushing each other in to territories unknown. The intimacy of Endresen’s voice holding the tension of Westerhus’s monstrous sounds, and Westerhus pushing Endresen in to the void. This is a Norwegian power duo in its right words. Norwegians Sidsel Endresen and Stian Westerhus made their debut concert at Molde Jazzfestival in 2010, and a mutual intuitive communication was immediately evident. The duo has since then toured festivals and clubs in Scandinavia and Europe, and through each concert developed new musical territories within the free landscape they operate in. In a blend of continuous abstract storytelling and a genre-free soundscape,they move seamlessly within their own distinctive universe.

GROPPER/GRAUPE/LILLINGER is not only a band – much more a pumping, breathing, vital organism, whose independent existence transmits itself to the audience like an unexpected stroke of luck. It would be easy to focus exclusively on the rhythmic aspects of their music, but that would be missing the point, the intervallic ingredients of their musical explorations is just as defining for their bold nonlinear structures. Very conscious of form, individual rather than a reproduction, feverish rather than linear, free, dynamic and conspirative. The three mirror the metropolises of the present trilogically, confront them and zigzag through their labyrinths.

ensemble mosaik was founded in 1997 by young instrumenta-lists and composers in Berlin and has developed, as an espe-cially multifaceted and adventurous experimental formation, into one of Germany’s most renowned ensembles for contem-porary music. Its recognized high quality is not just based on its individual musicians’ outstanding talent. Most of them are foun-ding members, enabling them to create a profiled and unique body of sound in a long-term, intense cooperation.

Norwegian duo Streifenjunko has just recently celebrated 10 years of making music together, and during these years, the members Espen Reinertsen (saxophone) and Eivind Lønning (trumpet) have worked closely together to present truly unique and original compositions on concerts all over the world. Their work is focused, and the sound revolves around different experimental playing techniques, selected and fermented during years of music making. Jim Denley writes in the liner notes of their latest album: “There’s magic around great bands, and with this recording, my fascination is not just about the music, as beautiful as that is, but the collective itself.” Their recent work alsoinvolves a new electro-acoustic setup, which will be performed at KIMfest. Espen and Eivind also plays together in several other constellations, one of them being the Christian Wallumrød Ensemble.

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KIMFEST with Gropper/Graupe/Lillinger, Friede Merz, ensemble mosaik, Pranke, Sidsel Endresen + Stian Westerhus duo, Warble + KIM, The Liz : Book of Birds, Tobias Hoffmann Trio and Streifenjunko

– GROPPER/GRAUPE/LILLINGER the band formerly know as Hyperactive Kid //album release
– Friede Merz
– ensemble mosaik with guest KIM composers
– The Liz : Book of Birds
– Tobias Hoffman trio
– Streifenjunko
– Pranke
– Sidsel Endresen + Stian Westerhus duo
– König

8-10.12.2016 | 20:00 CET
Tickets will be 15/12 EUR or 40/30 EUR for a festival pass!
Prachtwerk | Ganghoferstrasse 2 | 12043 Berlin/Neukölln | Event @ Facebook

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