Hermetic Chamber Festival at Marie Antoinette / Thursday, 10.09.2015

Hermetic Chamber is a festival focused on experimental music and visual art in Berlin. Along a selection of wellknown exponents of radical noise/industrial/sound art the organizers, the collective Concrete Cosmos, put an effort to emergent artists who are based in Berlin.

This festival – which is turning to the second edition – happens during one single night with audiovisual performances, installations and a selection of live and DJ sets for the after party powered by a self constructed sound system by YAYA23, characterized by the high quality and cleanliness of the sound.


The second edition will highlight to a greater extent the “extremist” side of electronic experimentation  in video and sound media. The artists that are invited to perform will have a clear freedom of expression. Our effort lies in going beyond what now is considered “experimental” and that is, gradually, canonized by the various “scenes” that contribute to the media transformation.

Aidan Baker is a multi-instrumentalist, classically-trained in flute, but best known as a guitarist. Using various electronic effects combined with prepared and alternate methods of playing the guitar, Baker creates music which falls within the ambient/experimental genres but draws on influences fromshoegaze, post-rock, neo-classical, jazz.


Toysfornoise is a pure resistant of true electronic hardware live sets. Tirelessly producing(on his own label ACCU records, Neurotrope, Acid Night), performing throughout EU/NorthAfrica and circuit bending since years. Paul van der Wees has created his own style of researched Acid, Industrial and underground beats exploring new paths for these well known electronic styles.

Aja. Fusing energetic, intense performances, twisted lyrics and improvisation, Aja creates experimental electronic music ranging from drone with haunting reverb filled vocals to hard dark techno. Playing shows internationally including Goa, Sweden, Berlin and the UK, AJA is currently planning the first European tour and release later this year.


Aesthetic Meat Front. AMF will be performing a body art ritual based on primordial chaos creating a Symphony of Flesh with Human Instruments. Primordial Kaos is the Antidote for the humanity’s destructive obsession with order and control. Let us utilize Kaos as a creative force to restore the balance within us. Kaos separates the living organism from the machine. Pure Kaos against Total Control!

Emerge vs. Morihide Sawada. The two artists are going to improvise an electroacoustic live set at Hermetic Chamber: EMERGE is inspired by the minimalist traditions of experimentalism and non-academic noise music, focusing on generating sound structures intended to make atmospheres emerge that are open to each listener’s own interpretation.

For the whole line-up and a detailed timetable, visit the website: hermeticchamber.com

Hermetic Chamber Festival

Thursday, 10 September | 20:30 CET
Marie Antoinette | Holzmarktstr. 15 – 18 | 10179 Berlin/Mitte



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