Photo Credit: Alvin Lucier: I am sitting in a room, singuhr – hoergalerie in parochial 1999, Foto: Michael Schroedter
Photo Credit: Alvin Lucier: I am sitting in a room, singuhr – hoergalerie in parochial 1999, Foto: Michael Schroedter

Extended Spaces – Resonant Bodies: A festival dedicated to the work of Alvin Lucier / 12—22.9.2024

The two-week festival Extended Spaces – Resonant Bodies follows in the footsteps of the American composer Alvin Lucier, who died in December 2021. It is both a tribute and an explicitly contemporary project – an homage to the composer, who was always open to new contexts and who remained artistically active into old age.

The program consists of three modular parts. It focuses on Lucier’s revolutionary musical and compositional concepts and their significance for contemporary compositional practice. To this end, it links the beginnings of Lucier’s experimental music and instrumental compositions with current artistic positions – as part of a city-wide festival in Berlin and in collaboration with national and international composers, sound artists, art and music experts.

The project has two main focuses: (a) the comprehensive, historically verified presentation of works by Alvin Lucier from all of his creative periods, realized in part with original material from Lucier’s estate, and (b) the commissioning of international and national sound artists and composers to artistically engage with individual works, work ideas and concepts from Lucier’s extensive oeuvre in new works.

Exemplary performances of Lucier’s works will always be combined with current compositions, performances and installations. The program includes a total of ten concerts and performances as well as eight sound installations. In addition, a two-day symposium will focus on the special role of Alvin Lucier for the music world, sound art and experimental music up to the present day.

For the concerts, we are working together with the Ensemble KNM Berlin and the Ever Present Orchestra, an ensemble with which Lucier worked very closely during his last creative period. Several renowned soloists will perform works by Lucier. Lucier’s sound installations will be realized mainly by Hauke Harder.

The festival will take place modularly and simultaneously at five different venues in Berlin: the Parochialkirche (Berlin-Mitte), the Kunstquartier Bethanien, Emmauskirche (Berlin-Kreuzberg), the Radialsystem (Berlin-Friedrichshain), the CLB Gallery and the daadgalerie (Berlin-Kreuzberg).

National and international artists from a wide range of disciplines and genres are participating in the project, including artists who have years of practical experience with Lucier’s works as well as artists who are engaging with Lucier for the first time.

Extended Spaces – Resonant Bodies: Alvin Lucier

w/ Hanna Hartman (SE), Yutaka Makino (JP), Juliana Hodkinson (GB/DK), Michael Moser (AT), Ana Maria Rodriguez (AR), Ron Kuivila (US), David Behrman (US), Hugo Esquinca (MX), Robyn Schulkowsky (US), Alberto de Campo+Liz Albee+Hannes Hoelzl+Anne Wellmer, Hauke Harder (DE), John Fulleman (SE), Charles Curtis, Trevor Saint (US), and many others.
12— 23.9.2024
Parochialkirche, Kunstquartier Bethanien, CLB Galerie, Emmauskirche, daadgalerie and Radialsystem
A festival by singuhr – projects dedicated to the work of Alvin Lucier
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