ESB: Elektronische Staubband at Monarch / Thursday, 22.10.2015

The Story of ESB: In 2010 Lionel Laquerrière (Nestorisbianca, Geysir) joins Yann Tiersen’s live band. Breaking up the tedium of soundchecks, they begin to improvise analogue synth versions of Tiersen’s songs. As can happen what begins as fun becomes the germ of an idea and the concept of an all analogue project takes root.

An offer to play at Acusmatiq Festival finds the duo in need of a third mind to complete the circuit and bring the concept to life. Friend, fellow synth obsessive and producer Thomas Poli (Dominique A, Miossec, Olivier Mellano, Montgomery, Laetitia Sheriff) joins and “Elektronische Staubband” is born. The next few years see further well received festival appearances across Europe followed in 2013 by the release of (the now abbreviated) ESB’s first original material on a 7″ single for the Thoré Single Club.


Finding time between their myriad other music projects in 2014 the trio finally have a short window to record the debut album. Convening at Tiersen’s studio, each member chooses two weapons from their analogue armoury and plugs in for ten days of intense, immersive, cosmic jamming. ARPs glide. Korgs drone. Moogs throb. Electricity breathes life into the strange, tangled melodies.

Common influences swirl around. Michael Bundt to Tim Hecker, Klaus Schulze to Fennesz, Popol Vuh to Loscil, Kraftwerk to Fuck Buttons, Delia Derbyshire to Grouper, Neu! to Follakzoid. Accidents are appreciated. Unexpected meeting are welcome.


Every track is composed on the fly and recorded in the moment. By turn danceable and sinister, human and alien the songs extend and warp, are allowed time to grow and to lead the musicians down unexpected roads. The finished songs giving a cracked, kaleidoscopic view of some exotic retro-futuristic world.

ESB: Elektronische Staubband

Thursday, 22 October 2015 | 20:00 CET
Monarch | Skalitzer STr. 134 | 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg |


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