Cartesian Theater at Ausland / Sunday, 06.09.2015

The Cartesian Theater is an experiment in direct mind interface, developed by Big Daddy Mugglestone and Apocryphal Productions. The theater of the mind amplified and fully immersive, Cartesian Theater allows the performer to accompany their own brainwaves as if they were sitting inside their own head and for the audience to explore the soundscapes and visual compositions created.

Harmonies, determined by the size and shape of ausland itself, intermingle with fluctuating rhythms of brainwaves accelerated to hearing range. Through concentration, breathing, meditation and excitation the performer controls the composition, and as tones and colors fluctuate brainwaves are stimulated controlling the performer…

Big Daddy Mugglestone (USA) has no body, just a voice. He lives eats and fucks through this voice, and this voice takes him all over the world. The king of Raw-Capella sings his songs accompanied only by the audience and the snap of his finger.

The songs range from sweet and sad gospel songs, to virtuosic jazz/cabaret numbers that dig deep into the dirt to throw it back at the sky. He has been hailed as “Prince meets Dean Martin in a back woods church” by Lush Magazine, and he will make you feel good about feeling so bad.


Apocryphal Productions utilizes aspects of animation, projection, shadow puppetry, marionettes, and hand puppets to create performances that move freely through the boundaries of movie screen and live theater.

Not only through physical depth of field, but also delving into the varied consciousness levels of the character as the actions take place behind screen, on screen, or on stage. Drawing upon the ritual performances of many cultures that reflect beliefs and traditions from around the world, Apocryphal Productions strives to revitalize our dreams as humans and share in the development of a new creative mythology.

Cartesian Theater

Sunday, 06 September 2015 | 19:30 CET
Ausland | Lychener Str. 60 | 10437 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg


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